​The Beti-Onak Sports Club and Conservas Pedro Luis have reached a sponsorship agreement for the Women’s Silver Division of Honour Handball team for the 2021-2022, 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 seasons with the aim of promoting the Women’s Handball project that, as Navarra’s leading team, it is developing from Villava-Atarrabia.

We have reached an agreement to join forces in order to ensure that Navarra Handball can have a team in the top category of national women’s handball as soon as possible.

The paddle league

We sponsor the Pamplona Paddle League, which, as well as promoting sport, has a charity component and will run a food collection on certain days for donation to the Navarra Food Bank Foundation.  This initiative will once again be sponsored by Conservas Pedro Luis, which will multiply the kilos collected.

Sponsorship of Navarra Referees

Since 2020 we have been supporting the referees of the Navarra Football Federation.

Tour of Spain 2020

The 3rd stage of the Tour of Spain on 22 October 2021 started in Lodosa.   We were also sponsors of this.

Tour of the Basque Country 2018

We were sponsors of the Tour of the Basque Country, with a time trial stage held in Lodosa on 5 April 2018.   Roglic won convincingly and ended up winning the event.

Other events

CD Sesma

In 2021 we reached a sponsorship agreement with the C.D. Sesma football team whose main team plays in the Preferente Navarra league in Group 2.

CD Lodosa

Advertising partnership with C.D. Lodosa football club whose main team plays in the Preferente Navarra league in Group 2 as well as promoting grassroots football in our town.

Sponsorship of other sporting events.

We sponsor sporting events that sometimes serve only to promote the practice of sport, such as the Lodosa Gladiators day, but on many other occasions serve to raise money for different social ends, such as Logroño’s race for all the family.