Food quality and safety

The quality of our products is guaranteed by our own independent laboratories.  All our packaging bears an individualised batch number to guarantee the traceability of the products we make.

Our company is associated with the National Centre for Food Technology and Safety located in San Adrián (Navarra). 

IFS certificate

The IFS Protocol (International Food Standard) is a standard created by large German and French distribution companies that regulates quality management systems in companies in the food sector with the aim of achieving the maximum of safety in food manufacturing and handling processes.

For this reason, Conservas Pedro Luis, due to its strong commitment to quality, decided to bring in the  IFS in order to meet the strictest quality and food safety parameters, without losing touch with its traditional production methods.

The highest level of accreditation (IFS Higher Level) has been achieved, which guarantees that Conservas Pedro Luis meets one of the most demanding standards for food safety, quality of facilities and production processes for the production of its preserves and is recognition of the work that all the company’s departments are doing in this regard.